2000 publications from 97 counties in 55 languages

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Our services

Our company has more than 4 years of successful experience in supplying same-day foreign press for business partners in Moscow.

Suppliers of business aviation services order foreign newspapers and deliver them to the passengers on-board or in executive lounges. Passengers of our customers have available on board world's most popular newspapers even before they reach the newsstands in the country of publication.

Hoteliers gain a competitive edge in the market providing same-day press which is ideal solution of Value added guest amenities resulting in higher guest satisfaction and repeat visits.

Newspapers and magazines

With a library of over 600 printed titles from 97 countries and more than 2,000 digital premium newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Business Traveler, and ForbesDaily, we offer the ideal news and entertainment solution for airlines, private aircrafts and hoteliers seeking to offer their customers a vast range of international publications.

  • International Herald Tribune
  • Financial Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Times
  • Le Monde
Full list of publications


Our company offers iPad-Readers and subscription to 2000 publications which allow access to the full catalog of latest world press in digital form anywhere, anytime.

iPad-Reader - revolutionary Press reading experience. iPad-Reader gives travelers the luxury of reading on-board same-day digital editions of their favorite publications from around the world–even before they hit the newsstands.

This creates value added way to improve and meet the high expectation levels for superior customer service of private aircrafts.